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Marketing Assistance Services

Being an entrepreneur in this big bad-ass world can be a little scary sometimes, am I right?!  You feel like you’re running in a million different directions, wearing so many hats and Just. Aren’t. Getting. It. Done.  So why would you attempt to do it all by yourself?  What if I told you a secret?  Are you ready?  Wait for it…YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  We’re here to help you!  At Assist for the Win, we specialize in the implementation of all marketing needs for entrepreneurs, so they can grow their biz to new levels of success.  As Marketing Implementation Experts, we help you grow your presence behind the screen, on the screen and beyond the screen. This then creates the space and time for you to become more present not only in your business but also in your personal life and helps to eliminate the feeling of overwhelm many entrepreneurs often feel. 

So, my friend, it’s time to stop hiding under your desk with that bottle of wine, get out of the office and into the world!  Go be the kick-ass business owner you are and leave the marketing implementation to us!

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Behind the Screen

  • Setting up and/or maintaining an AllProWebTools account (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • Setting up and organizing marketing lists
  • Enter and organize contacts
  • Send client appreciation cards/gifts

On the Screen

  • Create a monthly/yearly marketing editorial calendar
  • Monthly social media content creation and posting via Hootsuite
  • Create branding images to be used on marketing materials, social media, and website, etc…
  • Monthly newsletter creation and scheduling

Beyond the Screen

  • Event Planning from A-Z
    • Live Events
    • Workshops
    • Trainings
    • Trade Shows

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