On the Screen

This is a biggie. We know that being on social media, creating content and sharing newsletters may not be what you look forward to everyday. But here’s the deal-e-o, it’s a must. You have to shout from the rooftops about how you serve your clients, how you make their worlds better and the best way to do that is to have consistency in your online presence. We’ve got your back and we love making you look good! We will take the content creating, posting and scheduling off your hands so you can get back to doing what you really love.

Strategic Messaging

  • 3 months of messaging broken down into 4 quarters - Each month is assigned a message/theme that directly reflects your voice, your brand and your mission. These themes will be the foundation for all marketing messages throughout the year.

Social Media

  • Daily topics - to create brand consistency and prompt your audience to engage.
  • Daily hashtags - (you know those # things that everyone uses). Hashtags are searchable in every social media platform and are a great way to utilize your brand and your personality. Not to mention you show up when people search the hashtag!

Email Newsletter

  • Monthly topics – to create a consistent marketing message from outward marketing to internal marketing aka your contacts in your database.
  • Developed messaging – Each month you will have a detailed outline of what to share in your newsletter to keep your clients engaged and excited to learn more. These will include: An engaging subject line, the topic of the content in the email, a relatable/personal piece to connect with your audience and a resource to share value.


  • Monthly topics – to create a consistent marketing message that is complementary to the newsletter but will be used to attract potential prospects via your website.
  • Developed messaging – Each month you will have a (3) bullet pointed topics to give direction for the content of the blog.
  • Customized to you – We take the time to go through an extensive questionnaire to understand your brand, your personality and your ideal audience. Nothing cookie cutter here!

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